Re: 2013 sping/summer surf catches.


Gotten quite a bit behind in my trip reports. Here is tonight one.

The sea was choppy, the wind was gusty and cold and the fishing was as good as dead, but at least the sunset was pleasant to look at while fishing Cloudy Bay tonight.

Surfcasting Clouday Bay at Dusk by Thomas J. Walsh, on Flickr

Sunset over Wither Hills by Thomas J. Walsh, on Flickr

Went for a Snapper fish in the Sounds about a week ago, conditions were cold and windy but it calmed slightly after dark, Caught one large Ray which tangled both of my lines and a small school shark. A first from that location. Been a tough year chasing snapper so far. Because its been tough I might not have been putting in as much effort

Would hopefully write up my Waitangi Weekend report within the next few days.