Re: 2013 sping/summer surf catches.


Awsome Photos there Milli, quite the tallent….havent been out much…went to birdlings on the 30th jan and my friend caught his first moki, 50cm long, we had it for dinner that night, very tasty…we also kept a larger wrass type fish, but it was quite flavourless and watery but worth a crack…..good to try a new spot and get on to a new species….Tua Tua was the bait that caught the moki, a few mullet were landed by my mates young fellas and another guy caught a few things next to us as samll Moki was released by him…..not sure if I posted about my re visit to the coast where I got my snapper….results were grim, nothing doing over a two day effort….havent been out much this year, but its not over yet, will get out at least once more beore I start on the salmon. Good to see you guys still at it, cheers, Hipp