Re: 2013 sping/summer surf catches.


went out to balieys after work on Firday got there was fishing at 5.45pm on my first cast got a small rig, then next cast got a medium size rig watch put up a good fight and did a couple of good runs it was hard to bring in cause it had tangled it self up in the line and I was dragging it in side was. I thought I had a monster on. lol. fished for an other 1.1/2hr and nothing then my rod bent over and the line peeled off couldn’t get the rod out off the holder as there was to much weight on it, as so as the first run stop I got it out and started to wined it in as soon as the fish felt the weight on it away it went again,i went down the beach about 20mts then back up the beach and finely manage to get it up onto the beach ,WOW I said to myself and a few other good words and a pat on the back ,it was a bloody good size rig It is the biggest rig that I have caught I didn’t have any scales to weigh it but head and gutted it went 14lbs so I think it was about 16-17lbs and the length was 1400mm I stayed the night out there and fished Saturday morning, 6.00am was fishing again and was expecting the rod to bend over any minute but nothing so change to pipi on one rod and got 3 dog fish each cast so went back to crab, stopped at 9.30am with no bite and came home so a bloody good firday night fish a very bad sleep in the cab of my truck and a nice pleasant morning fish Saturday ..