Re: 2013 sping/summer surf catches.

shark slayer

kahawai is one of my favourites…alot of people dont like the dark meat but i love it..very strong flavour tho…i like it raw aswell..cut it up into small in a bowl and add lemon juice,white vinegar,lime,brown sugar,cajun seasoning,salt pepper and then whatever veges you want..cucumber,capsicum,,onion etc..let it marinade for at least half a day and man it is good…you can also add a can of coconut cream if you want..went out last night for a crab collecting mission..chucked a bait out while i was waiting and got a rig around 15lb after ten minutes wixh i released..went for a moki this eve off the rocks..hooked a horse of a moki after about 5 was pulling line with the drag almost locked like it was childs play..was just about to take me in to the reef when i locked up…i felt that awful feeling of something letting go and there was a splash on the surface wich gave me a glimpse of the moki with my broken trace in its mouth before it took off….wont be using 30lb trace again…it was a big dog to would have been over the magical 10lb mark..something i havnt acheived yet.. :grin: oh well