Re: 2013 sping/summer surf catches.


[i:dfwc8rsh]The first kahawai.[/i:dfwc8rsh]

This pesky bird wasted a lot of fishing time while I released it.

Two fish landed!
I was driving along the highway north of Kaikoura recently when I spotted a huge work-up right on the breaker-line just across the road. For once I had a rod close at hand. I stopped and grabbed the rod before running across the road to the beach, trying to thread the line up through the guides at the same time – more or less. There were birds everywhere. I haven’t seen such an enormous work-up right on the beach for years. The sea was almost flat calm.
First cast landed a good kahawai; second cast landed a dam bird. The ungrateful bugger kept trying to peck me as I untied and released him (or her).
Third cast; another kahawai. This one got off.
On the forth cast I landed a second kahawai.
The school was moving northwards up the coast at a good walking pace so that was it. Enormous fun!