Re: 2013 sping/summer surf catches.


went out to bailelys this morning got there a bit late 6.30am got 2 rods in the water one with crab, the other with pipi on one hook prawn on the other hook the first cast hook a good size eley about 10-12lb then crabs had a good feed about 2hrs later got a small greyboy about 1hr later got a other greyboy a bit bigger but returned, had 2 good bites,,by 11am I started to pack up and then hooked into a good fish, crab on for bait got it to just behind the breaker easily and then it woke up and took off dragged my line out and then dropped the bait so packed up and headed home,,wont be able to get out for a couple of weeks as of to aussie in morning so hope everyone on here have a good and safe new year