Re: 2013 sping/summer surf catches.


24 hour or so of fairly consistent fishing.

Arrived at Conway sometime after 6pm, conditions were decent but the swell could of been a touch smaller because it really rolls in there. Caught a small Rig almost immediately, which was followed by a doggy, two School sharks, more rigs and a fat Red Cod. Just on dark a southerly front hit, the wind picked up and sea roughen slightly. No more fish were caught that night. So I decided to pack up on return to my sleeping spot near Kaikoura.

Woke up to a overcast day with light drizzle, sea was a bit confused still so decided to surf fish Goose Bay. A spot I have wanted to try for a long time. Was quite impressied. I was expecting a lot of snags but only lost one set of gear. Landed a medium-large Rig, a borderline Moki and a Wrasse. Late morning I packed up and went for a short Kayak fish but was feeling seasick so headed back in, but the fish were certainly feeding.

After lunch I decided to head north, and fish high tide. The place I was hoping to fish was occupied, and the access to the next couple of spots were blocked. Then another spot was occupied, tried a new spot but the water had a lot of kelp floating around so decided to push on to Blue Slip. From Clarence north the weather changed quite dramatically, from dull and overcast to hot and sunny. I was baking on the beach, and the Rig were in a feeding mood with 4-5 small ones being landed over high tide (I missed the first half of high tide). I also landed another Wrasse and what I assume was a specie of Puffer fish. A first for me, or maybe I caught one from the boat years ago but still claiming a new species.

All the Rig , Moki, Wrasse and Puffer fish was caught on raw prawn, the fishing could of been insane if I was using paddle crab. The less desirable fish was manly caught on squid, or squid/prawn sandwich.

So in summary, Surfcasting this weekend I caught
9 Rig, 2 Schoolies, 2 Wrasse, 1 Doggy, 1 Red Cod, 1 Moki and the ‘puffer fish’

This is what I assuming is a type of Puffer fish.