Re: 2013 sping/summer surf catches.

shark slayer

i find no need to use a keeper hook..the only bait that requires one is crab without the legs wich i never use..i never use small hooks either ..6-7/0 have the hook exposed as much as possible and they hook up before they get a chance to think anout spitting the bait..wich they rarely do anyway generaly if you drop a fish its because the hook didnt set properly..using one good size hook also avoids gut hooking and makes releasing a fish easy..using small hooks you lip hook the eles lor if your lucky it will hook in the mouth plate wich is like rock..there aint any releasing when that happens..anyway was gonna stop off at conway mili but got there to late..decised to head up the coast one more time before the road starts getting plagued with xmas/holliday period idiots rigslasher..may head your way next cell reception here so will keep a live report going:-)