Re: 2013 sping/summer surf catches.


Would probably fish Conway Friday night if anyone wants to join me, driving white surf with a Fisha 550 kayak on the roof. Next morning hoping to launch from Oaro and paddle across to Spyglass point… Would even be quicker launching from Calverley but less sheltered, so doubt I would take that route.

rig_slasher, Are you using circle or J style hooks? Reason I ask is because I read a theory, which I am leaning towards that extremely sharp circle hooks can be counter productive. Circle hooks are designed to rotate before jamming into the corner of the fish mouth and penetrating. A very sharp hook on the other hand could snag before rotating into the jaw making only a weak connection which quickly rips away once the fish starts to panic. I also feel Black Magic hooks are probably the sharpest I have used.