Re: 2013 sping/summer surf catches.

shark slayer

i am stupid with fishing gear my two kilwel surf rods were 600 and 700 the demon blood was 500 salmon rod was 420 haha its nice to have good reliable gear..after using kilwel surf rods any other rod i pick up feels like a 14ft turd..all my other rods jre around the 200 mark..shimano is good like that you can get really good rods for 150-200 bux were as alot of other companys are shithouse until you spend max dollars..daiwas entry to medium level gear is crap..that rod mili is a shimano t curve tk3g they call it a 782 spin its 7ft8 and i think its 6-8 kg or could be 6-10 i will check its purple or technicly lylic haha i thinj it looks good tho and its just so nice.just checked they call it a long cast spin..2.34m 2 peice.6-10kg.