Re: 2013 sping/summer surf catches.


I normally leave with more rubbish then I bring. Especially regarding Nylon. The last time I recovered a bunch of nylon I got rewarded with a free Spin-blade lure :grin:

Fished Claverley last night, arrived around 6pm and fished until midnight. Conditions were good, although the swells could have been a touch smaller. My first (and only) Rig was landed just as I was getting ready to cast out my second rod. The fishing was slow, a Doggy, a Skate a Doggy which vomited up a Cod which was hooked in its mouth. Got up sometime before 6am and fished for another hour but not even a nibble. Was hoping for a Ele but failed, but still a pleasant evening.

On the way down I saw a massive workup which basically stretched from Blue Slip to Kekerengu, it was so thick with birds I did not risk a cast. So just photographed them instead. On the way home I rediscovered the workup a few km further down the beach at a popular shark spot, had a few casts but they were to far from shore.

Fishing at night by Thomas J. Walsh, on Flickr

Also shot a few Butterfish this morning :)