Re: 2013 sping/summer surf catches.


Yeah the rubbish is a bastard , stinky old bags of squid n shit . Was only a fortnight ago I went two one of my spots and just got through the gate and here was a pile of shit old bottles and mc’donalds rubbish and shit . It was like the prick just opened all the doors on his car and cleaned it out right there on the track that takes ya down to the beach . I met a whitebaiter right in the middle of it as he was coming back up the track and noticed the silly prick that dumped the shit had left bills and payslips etc with his name on it. Turned out he was a local from just up the road and the whitebaiter happened to be his neighbour so we picked it all up and put on the back of his ute and he was off home to throw it over the neighbours fence . The halfwit lived with his parents apparently so he wouldve got a stir up. If i had found the shit first he woulda been getting a call from the council.
Just pisses me right off when I go out the way to minimise the rubbish I take with me in the first place . Theres no plastic bags etc all my bait is keeped in snaplock container and everything else ends up back in the chilly bin.