Re: 2013 sping/summer surf catches.

shark slayer

torpedos should be banned or have a 5 hook limit imposed(not that it would be policed well should just be banned)generally it is idiot types that use them and they thrash the shit out of it,its called a rod and reel people,learn how to use one..i also think rig,eles.and tope need the limit dropped to 2…the eles at conway show up way before easter mate easter is the time it gets raped hence why people seem to think that is when they are there..its not neccesary to change baits at different locations they all feed on the same stuff,cooked prawns,shellfish etc will catch elep anywhere if they are there,the flasher rig probably helped your success duckman,ian got one last year on a flasher rig with no bait on it!