Re: 2013 sping/summer surf catches.

shark slayer

the point i was making ffp was dave had stated catching eles etc at conway but yet hadnt reported any catches or contributed to the forum at all until comments about trawler activity were made and th.en he came on defending it with a posts full of misleading information..its a bit dodgy a commercial fishermankeeping tabs on a rec forum and only coming on to defend trawling when people are complaining it is ruining there fishing..anyway who cares bak to and a mate went out sat,sun night..a few rig around the 17 lb mark between us and my mate got two eles while i dropped 2..ihis first season on the eles and the bastard is beating me haha..think i will stop teaching him good job on the snaps imili and hipp and yea mate we shal catch up for a fishm and a yarn..cheers..going to go back to m x old ele rig..have lost 3 so far on the new hooks when they hit..havnt even had one dyet and its alost getting embarrasing..good job on the snaps