Re: 2013 sping/summer surf catches.


Hey all, back to that time of year again, trying to get a few feeds for the freezer,:)

Been down to Coopers lagoon a couple of times over this month with two small rig caught on prwans, no sign on the beach of much activity otherwise.

But on the good news front, just back from the West Coast and pleased to say i landed my biggest ever snapper!!!! of 12lb on the first cast from the beach….boom:)!….this I thought would be the fish of the trip, with friends in toe and a small trophy for the best fish of the weekend, this would be hard to beat…..I was swiftly informed that as a couple had not yet arrived it wouldnt count lol, well, no matter, “iVe got the best fish for the weekend”…..well wasnt I a knobend haha, one of my cobbers had his son and a mate there, this 15 year old who hadnt done much fishing before…went and landed a nice 18Lb Snapper which propntly put me in my place haha…as it was , his was the best fish for the weekend, well done to him.

We also caught an aray of Kahawai, one grey boy a mullet and a couple of rig, most of which were returned, but we ate one of the rig and took home 3 Kahawai between us.
Our first day there was the last day of whitebaiting….we did see one, but we didnt catch him!

I see in the visitor book that Mr Birdlings had visited in 2008…so I knew we were onto a good thing:), Hope alls well with you Ian.

Snapper caught on Pillies and the Rest on Prawn and Squid.

A great wekend had by all and, yes Im going back, great to catch a nice eating fish for a change.

Heading over your way S/S day after boxing day like last year, hope to catch up with you for a yarn and a fish maybe?? good to see you are doing well with your fishing as usual

Well, back to work for me, hope to get out again soon and chase the ever elusive Elephant.

Cheers, Be Lucky, Hipp