Re: 2013 sping/summer surf catches.


the point i’ve been making over the last few posts is simply the fact that the comms are not breaking any law by doing what their doing…no amount of dissing and claims of “illegal” fishing on this forum will change that. i know the way they operate don’t look good coming in very close at night (perhaps the fish do too?) heading out to sea when they see us on the beach( saving you from losing your gear?)……but it is legal.

personally i totally agree that trawling is the lowest of the low when it comes to methods employed its just so destructive! long lining would be a much better alternative, though in not sure we’d all be over the moon, to see lines set from timaru to birdlings??

in reality, the only way we’ll ever see a change in these methods is through politics and regulation changes.

here are my suggestions on how to make that happen…..

when you see that boat working in close ,video,photo,take details

phone m/fish (you all have the number ,right?) at least the comms will know they’re being watched!

post your pics and video in as many public forums as you can, not just fishing sites, get it out there in the public (face book , the press, youtube)….public awareness and pressure can often does win the battle.!!!

write to or visit you MP armed with the pics and video.

join LEGASEA now! they are our strongest politically active advocates, make a monthly donation (it don’t need to be huge) and start sending them the pics and video…ask for their support.

bottom trawling won’t be banned tomorrow (especially with national at the helm), but there’s a fair chance it will be one day,if pressure is pointed in the right direction.