Re: 2013 sping/summer surf catches.


Fished Bayleys last night there around 4.45pm and watched a trawler working towards the peninsula I’d say inside 1km from the beach .
Crabs were very hard to come by off the Peir yesterday – maybe 30 pots fishing is and I saw 1 crab caught other than the one I managed ….scored half a dozen off Joe who had caught them earlier in the day .
We saved the better bait for later in the evening , so things were very slow until around 8.30

2 school sharks and 3 small rig were followed by a nice cow ele around 10pm …lost a large stingray around 10.30 when the hook pulled..

The trawler turned back around 8pm , meeting up with another around 2 miles offshore , before motoring back towards Rakia , where is came back inshore on dark , before working along the beach maybe 500mtrs out , with NO lights on ….it’s lights didnt come on till it was within a few Km’s of Bayleys public access point .

I cant see much being caught off Bayleys until these bloody trawlers have filled their anual quota ..