Re: 2013 sping/summer surf catches.


a few points……
PEOPLE BUY FISH!, they buy them at the chippy, at restaurants and at the supermarkets, nz exports fish too! while this happens there will be commercial enterprise…..FACT!

comms pay for the fish…we get ours free ,it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure who gets looked after by the govt. money talks….if WE want things to change? then we need a licence, and would put us “rec” in a position to say “look….we have value too”!!! (probably more than the comms)!

with reguards to the comms trawling the beaches, guys, this is nothing new! they’ve been doing this for many years (i saw it being done 10 years ago and have mates that were doing it many, many years before that!!) but the fish keep coming!this all points to the fact that it is sustainable, were not about to see the end of the elephant fish!
in fact in the last few years, since the (wall of death) set net ban, things have improved a lot!

the net ban (with loopholes) to 2nm is in place to protect HECTORS DOLPHIN…..not elephant fish! elephant fish congregate on our beaches every year and the comms target them where the fish are thickest because thats the most economic way to catch them,( this also helps eliminate by catch as much as is possible , with the method involved)…. if comms can use a legal method to target these fish, then of course they will…they’d have to be stupid not too!

finally…….guys!….. if you want to see haw bad things can get, go for a cast off any beach in the UK! thank god our fishery’s are regulated ,at least we can go catch a feed!…… even if things aren’t perfect they really ain’t that bad !!.