Re: 2013 sping/summer surf catches.

shark slayer

dead right crabbed off,even if they are using low slung nets they will still take cow eles and whatever else plus majorly churn up the sea bed and destroy ele spawning grounds..if they are so hard working and honest why dont they can control your catch and not exceed quota and have to dump seals dolphins birds and large sharks will be needlessly killed,all bycatch can be released and the habitat isnt being needlessly destroyed.the fact that we still use these caveman techniques today is crazy.dont mean to be a dick ollie but you dont do much surf fishing ro havnt experienced what its like and seen it for yourself..i wouldnt go waving the flag for dave..public ignorance is already a big problem realords slimy add campaigns already do enough damage,after all its the public buying this trash wich funds for your sole at the firh and chip shop dave i wouldnt eat that crap if my survival depended on it..i know a guy who has workf on the trawlers ov thaere and he has said if the public saw what went on they wouldnt eat it again..people pisring on the deck etc.they hire idiots because anyone whth a brain would not participate due to morals.anyway rant over yours sincerely SS,anti scumbag fishermanm