Re: 2013 sping/summer surf catches.


a reply to fishforpot.
what I put out there in regards to trawlers activities is the facts that we have to live with in working in the commercial fishing industry.
some people will not like what I had to say but there it is, for whatever reason there will always be some people that simply refuse to look at things from both sides and form an opinion that in there minds is correct.
I have no doubt that every industry has a corrupt element and when that element affects what people like to do for recreation people will get upset, I cannot help that, but all I can say is follow the processes and if there is wrong doing they will get prosecuted.
I am a keen recreational surfcaster myself and have enjoyed good success in recent weeks at Conway/claverley beaches catching rig/skate and elephants so I do know the enjoyment that arises from just being out there.
if you(fishforpot) need to know more about what goes on in the fishing industry I personally invite you for a coffee to have a yak about what you see as the issues.
most of the time it is simply a lack of information out in the public arena about what happens within the industry.
Dave Pearce
Skipper of a fishing boat