Re: 2013 sping/summer surf catches.


Dave Pearce , thank you very much for clearing that up! (it’s about bloody time somebody did!!!)

i apologize for my my earlier (removed) post sounding as negative as it did :oops: , i just find it a little frustrating hearing the same reports of “illegal fishing” from people, yet getting no answers from the guys that really know the facts!…at least my wee rant provoked an answer, and an excellent one at that! :wink:

i’ve had a suspicion that may have been the case,as i stated on page 6 in this thread.(i couldn’t believe commercial boats would risk their livelihood by illegal fishing so publicly) which is why i tried to get some info from m/fish myself a few weeks ago (to no avail,)they are a govt. agency which means they’re underfunded just like all the others.

it would be far more use if this information was better known in the public arena ,it would save a lot of confusion and upset i recon! most websites simply state set netting and trawling are banned, with no mention of exceptions ,which is very misleading!

dave,i’ve put your post on the facebook page….more people use it!

i know some of the commercial guys from lyttleton and i think it’s a shame they get such a hard time, it’s one of the toughest jobs out there! long hours,serious grafting and not to mention dangerous!

thank’s dave.