Re: 2013 sping/summer surf catches.


hi guys ,
this is a reply to gollyfish re the trawler at birdlings flat.
the two mile rule apllies to certain types of nets used by fishing boats.
ie set nets are not allowed inside a certain mile limit as are Danish seiners, trawlers with trawl nets that have a head line height of more than 1.0 metre also.
the exceptions that I know of are trawlers with trawl nets that have a headline height of less than one metre, and vessels dredging for surf clams.
the trawlers that do work there have a right to be there to catch their allocated quota of fish(flat fish mainly, sole and brill for the large part) that turn up their in the summer months.
they are not doing the dirty as implied, they have the appropriate trawl nets that are designed to catch flat fish with a headline height of not more than 1.0 mtr that allows them to be in close where the fish are.
in case you are wondering how this is enforced, there is extensive observer coverage put on the trawlers by m/fish to record and observe the activities of the work on board, these range from recording bird mortalities to fish catches and types of fishing gear used.
In lyttleton alone the vast majority of all local trawlers have had these observers on board, they are on board for 1 month at a time.
in dealing with m/fish and trying to get an answer out of them, all I can say is good luck to you.
I skippered a trawler based in lyttleon for a period of time, this vessel was boarded and inspected 3 times over a period of 4 mths, I asked the fisheries inspectors that boarded us the same question, I received 3 different answers.
commercial fisherman work hard for the living that they make, they will receive criticism if it is warranted and like all industries if caught doing something wrong they are punished.
the fishing industry is one of the most heavily regulated in NZ.
it is simply not worth the effort of losing their livelihood, boat and anything used in fishing illegally.
so please if you have a rant about the activities of fishing boats that you see, make sure you know the facts if the are allowed to be there.
also next time you order a piece of sole from your local chippie it probably came from a boat like that one.
Dave Pearce
Skipper of a fishing boat