Re: 2013 sping/summer surf catches.


went to spencer park last night and put a set line out, walked out till my waders were nearly filling up and droped a weight with approx. 15 hooks on the line and then took other weight out on the other end and dropped that, went back at 5.30am this morning to get it , walked out and got my float but had trouble pulling it up as it has buryed in the sand so was a bloody battle to get the weight out so my gummys got water in them, pulled up the line and all baits gone but no fish, think I had one on as one of my traces came back with no hook on, had crab,herring and pipi for bait, and a bloody hell of a tangle mess of line, set it in a nice channel that would be deep once the tide came in at night,, any one got thoughts on why I got nothing as I heard that some people with a torpedo got some very big rig last firday