Re: 2013 sping/summer surf catches.


Perfect weather in Kaikoura today, and that typically means lousy fishing, and that was indeed the outcome.

Arrived at my spot around 2pm and tried spinning for a while with no luck, so checked out the rivers on the south side. Sea was bigger and again no luck spinning. So backtracked and got my surfcasters out and soaked baits until 6pm and not even a doggie to show for it. Around 5pm sea gulls started to patrol where the sea changed colour and I thought a workup might develop but that was not the case. So around 6pm decided to check south bay again, that side has also calmed down nicely. First river mouth was dead, so moved further down the coast and was quickly onto Kahawai, shortly after arriving saw their fins out of the water like a school of miniature sharks. In the distance there might have been a small work up also. So had a bit of fun until the weed washed in so I decided to head north to photograph the sunset and try for a Moki 700m from the rocks off the northern end of Mangamaunu beach. Quickly lost my first sinker (these heaps of weed off that beach). so was down to the last rod for the last half hour or so of light. Was getting late so headed for home around 9pm.

TLDR: Perfect weather, few fish.