Re: 2013 sping/summer surf catches.


Went out late this arvo with Kahawai on my mind . Gusty nor-west winds with showers here and there . Caught an average size skate on the rig rod , released that then caught a fat Red on the same bait . Banged out some pillies on the other rod with the hope of a Kahawai or two but the spikys dealt to that so was a change to prawn and mussel combos on both rods . Caught a nice Rig about 100cm long on the mussel and that was binned for my dindins.
As I was cleaning that one up the second rod bloody near went flying through the air it was hit that hard . The beach spike got up-ended and I just managed to grab the rod before it hit the deck . Line was peeling and after 5 mins or so the biggest Rig I have ever hooked was kicking up a storm just behind the breaker , the bastard took off deep then ping . It has obliterated the 100lb trace and I was left a bit lip-down about losing my personal best .
It was hard to say how big it really was but it made the 100cm model look like a wee pup . I could feel the line slip a couple times before it broke so it must of taken a couple of wraps . Bit of a shame but hopefully it managed to break free of the trace .
I managed a wee tacker on the last bait so he was released and I buggered off home .
The two I landed took mussel baits ,the Skate and Red Cod took the prawn .
Looks like rain all weekend……Ideal 8)