Re: 2012 surf catches Spring/summer

shark slayer

took the boys from work out on thursday..i got a nice 3.5lber pretty quick and just sat back..dave the irishmen got his first searun newzealand trout at 4.3lb not through a lack of trying but he was stoked..the mexican guy had deaf ears and a taste for beer and other mexican produce so he caught none haha…nice day out tho..popped down this eve..hooked a beuty 2nd cast but snapped my 8lb braid trying to grab it(what a tool)things went downhill from there..i tried to get a lure out of a tree with the end of my rod and knocked it into the water and then the rod slipped out of my hand strait into the deep went home to get my surf rod dive boots and snorkel to retreive way im loosing 650 bucks worth of my rod back after an hour and swiftly landed a 5lb plus searun that gave me the best trout fight i have ever had…and then finished the evening by busting off on a beuty..must of rubbed the braid on something..think i will go back to 15lb…so here are my last lazy pics of mudfish on the surf forum ffp haha…me and daves fish
this evenings fish..well conditioned and scrappy as f$ck :)