Re: 2012 surf catches Spring/summer


Fish Kaikoura today ..
Conditions were perfect …slight sea , nice and clean …
Caught 1 skate , 1 small schoolie , 1 carpet shark and around 30 doggies …got bitten off by something large tho

My mate took his compressed air cannon , he uses it to cast anywhere up to 250mtrs with a single bait …

Anyways , he’s shot the bait out around 200 – and is busy farting about with his other rod when the shit hit the fan ….
A bloody dolphin got tangled in the line on the cannoned rod ….and it went ape shit spastic …wasnt a hectors
The silly prick had forgotten to set the bait feeder/secondary drag , and learnt real quicklike that the main drag should never be set tight …
It tore his rod and rod holder “a fencing standard wedged at least 18inches into the sand” right out of the ground , and the rod went flying towards the sea …
The dolphin must have run wide , then along the beach cause the rod stopped momentarily and my mate reached for it , only to see it take off again ….this happened several times and reminded me of a child reaching for a $5 note being pulled by a fishing line …
He finally grabbed the butt just as the rod went into the channel …luckily the wave was receeding as this all happened ..
The 80lb braid snapped as he grabbed the rod – just coincidence tho ….it could very easily have pulled him into the sea and seen him jet skiing lol ..
The dolphin proceeded to go completely crazy at this point …doing about 60mile an hour , air bourne half the time as it tore across the ocean heading north’s mate was mimicking it , almost like taking the piss ..
It was one of the funniest things Ive seen for like ever ….