Re: 2012 surf catches Spring/summer

shark slayer

donald had to give you one gregg??youve lost your step mate haha :lol: yea tuatua squid cooked prawns it all works but i much prefer to use black magic…went out for a shark mish on the friday..fog meant i couldnt get out until late..sat was supposed to be shit so i made the call to try even tho it was late..only burleyed up for 2 hours 7 kms out…only catch was a big nailed a whole big pilly wrapped in half an arrow squid on a 10/0 tuna circle hook..aggressive fuckers they are…there were many more but the albatrosses kept trying to take my lure when i was spinning for them so gave up..i will wait till december to try again…rig fished with oompaloompa and his mate that night..i had 3 casts and got 3 rig in about 40 mins and then stopped fishing..oompaloompas mate got his first rig and he got none haha bugger!but he made up for it by shooting a mammoth flounder with his spear gun..other than that a pretty shite weekend…have dropped a few nice trout over the last couple days will head out this eve fopr my revenge…have fun wherever it is your going mili ..cheers….