Re: 2012 surf catches Spring/summer


Wasnt someone going to stop fishing for eles about 3 months ago ? or are they a different sub-species up at Conway ?

Two of us fished hard for 9 hrs today in awesome conditions over at Goat Point …Burleyed up hard and managed 1 blue cod about 1/4 of a pound …2 wrasse , a scarlet parrot fish and 1 maori chief ….
We fished the south side out of the end of the point , off the top of the cliff ..normally really bad for snags …we lost 3 sinkers and 2 hooks for the day …..just as well I took 37 with me ….got quite a stash over there now lmao
Was a time 10yrs ago where we would have caught 20 blue cod each in the same spot ……Spot-X has killed it