Re: 2012 surf catches Spring/summer

shark slayer

if your interested in catching them oompaloompa let me know and i will take you for a fish…had an interesting eve fish..went to birdlings the other day and some lady was walking her dog.. i had mine with me and he went over wanting to play..this silly woman went all spazoid and started spazzing out and i said its okay he is freindly and called him off..she just pulled her dog an stormed off..what a retard i thought..anyhow went down this eve and i hop out of my car with the pooch and this lady is there again…oh got your dog free range again do you you wanker she says..i was like what are you on about my dog is freindly as i aint chaining him up all the locals like him..he tried to attack my dog..pfft no he didnt he walked over wanting to play..f you you wanker your dogs a mongrel blah blah your an asshole..haha i just laughed at her and said if anyone shoul be on a leash its she storms off..i went down for a moki tonight but got a couple of good hits that didnt hook up..get back to my car and she had written CONTROL YOUR DOG..on the dust on the back of my car..hahahaha what a phsycho..i was talking to a local and he said she has been on neighbours from hell haha that made my night..classic!