Re: 2012 surf catches Spring/summer

smells like fish

had a crap start to this afternoons fishing walked all the way to the spot and found my reel was almost seized,could just wind it no more,so walked all way back to the car and used some oil from the dipstick to lube up the bearings,finally got it to free wind.
Baited up with raw prawn,cast out,rod in rod holder (warrata with a pvc pipe wired on),bang,first wire tie poped off then second,rod getting pulled down the shingle towards the sea at a great pace,only managed to grab it before a big wave came in.After oiling the reel back at the car I had tightened the drag up and not set it.
Anyway a 4 foot female rig put up a great fight,also got a dogfish foulhooked.
Live and learn.