Re: 2012 surf catches Spring/summer

shark slayer

my boyhood dreams of catching a mako will have to wait..some dude that i only know a wee bit was down at the bay the other day..his truck broke down so he asked if he could borrow my car to drive 600 meters to fix it and bring my car back..normaly i would say no but he had forced me to have a go on his jetski so i said yes haha..i thought what could go wrong on a 600m drive…well he pushed down on the clutch pedal so hard while changing gear that it broke all the mounts for the pedal including one that is tack welded to the i could not launch my boat and go shark slaying..fuckin hell :twisted:
i have learnt a valuable lesson tho..never let someone borrow your shit..its a major job to fix it…went for a moki and got zip..good times..back to work on monday so shark fishing is postponed..mite head out for a rig to cheer me up :)