Re: 2012 surf catches Spring/summer


After many fruitless trips out after Moki or Kingfish I decided it was time to have a proper Snapper trip.

Arrived at my spot around 7:30 to fairly nice conditions. Although the water was surprisingly dirty. The fishing was slow to begin with, not even the spotties were stealing my bait. At twilight I landed a small panny, which was quickly followed by a slightly bigger one.

Then one of my rods bent over and starting losing line, the fish on the end of the line was heavy. Sort of felt like pulling in a large clump of weeds it put up so little fight. Once in the shallows I discovered it was a ugly old Snapper with a massive lump on its head. After a rough photo he was released. It was not long until my rod bent over again, this fished fought slightly harder and I landed another tough looking snapper, a likely school mate of the first fish. One more panny, and then it was night and the Snapper stopped feeding.

Just before 10 I landed a Ray and that was it for the rest of the night. Was quite a deep wade returning to the car.

Here is the first of the two large Snappers, did not take a photo of the second. They were around 70cm long.