Re: 2012 surf catches Spring/summer


7km is a impressive walk, I think my furthest spot is only 1.2km.

Today I decided to chase Kingies again, after a dawn salmon fish, I shot off to Tennyson inlet and loaded up my Kayak for a day of rock fishing. No wind as I searched for a suitable spot. Theres a surplus of nice spots there…. Landed my Kayak and threw in the burley, it took a while but the Mullet eventually found it. Sent one out under a balloon, after a couple of hours I replaced it with a fresh one which got harassed by a Coutta. Tried to catch the Coutta to turn into Burley but no luck and it killed my livey (but did not eat it….). I caught a small kahawai which I sent out.

A while later I run out of Burley, and the sea breeze was picking up. Something with a bit of power took my Kahwai Livey but was not hooked. Then I sent out two more Kahawai livebaits but both died after a hour or so. Must have killed over 100 wasps, the buggers were everywhere.