Re: 2012 surf catches Spring/summer

shark slayer

they are already at conway now hipp…went for a kingi fish yesterday..only lasted an hour before the wind started blowing to hard in the unforcasted direction and my livebaits were getting blown back into the rocks even big fat strong swimming mullet couldnt fight the wind..tried a slide bait but got snagged should of really had a sacrificial sinker setup but i was tired as and really didnt put in enough effort..had a few small kahawai and big mullet in my berley trail although they were real spooky and kept coming and going..had something biggish chasing them for a while but couldnt see what it was..also had an estimated 2 trillion wrasse hanging around haha..caught a few just for laughs on a 20gm hex ticer just jigging it they were slamming it everytime and even had one chase it up and jump out of the water..they will hit any bait and any jig as long as it aint to big..annoying little buggers..think i might live bait from the boat next time because it is easier to keep your livey out and get the fish away from underwater obstacles…will head out for a moki once this sea eases up a bit…had any luck birdlings??bruce got a nice moki 6-7lb just before i left the other day…