Re: 2012 surf catches Spring/summer


Got in a decent amount of Surfcasting yesterday.

Arrived in Kaikoura mid morning to thick sea fog, so decided not to launch my Kayak until it lifted. Started fishing at the Sawdust pits and it was not long before I caught a mediocre Gurnard, that was followed by a feisty Kahawai which was a brilliant shade of green, then another Gurnard and a final Kahawai. The fishing slowed around mid-day so decided to pack up looked elsewhere.

Around low tide I decided to fish Kahutata RIver mouth, very shallow and Bouldery. Maybe worth another look over high. So I packed up after a couple of casts and went for a troll instead. Then had a quick Salmon fish in the Clarence.

Evening I fished Wharanui, the spot which Shark Slayer suggested, but the Crays kept stealing my bait. Managed to land a few which were probably undersized. No moki or other fish, also broke my Backbone elite rod on a Cray… Packed up around 10:30

My Backbone elite had seen relatively light use, simply because it did not fit in my rod tube with my other three piece rods. When I first purchased it I caught a few Rigs but overall it only seen occasional use. When I won a second two-piece rod I took it out of retirement, and it really shone today catching all of the Fish and Crays. RIP Backbone Elite.