Re: 2012 surf catches Spring/summer

shark slayer

well…fuck me dead..i definitely changed my bad luck this morning…had a busy day planned today so got up super early for a morning fish..was hungover and felt like the perfect cure was an early morning moki there at 5.20am..only had time for 2 casts because i had to drop my car off to get the cv fixed..first cast and the rod bent over and line peeled off in my drag and tussle with a nice moki around the 7lb mark..was stoked with that so thought about just leaving it at that but couldn’t help having one more cast..after about 2 mins my rod buckled over hard and line was peeling off..clicked the drag in and i was on..geez this moki is scrappy was pulling a lot of line and really using the current well..may even be better than the other one i thought..then i got it in close..geez thats a pale moki i thought then i got it landed and holy shit i have caught a banks peninsula SNAPPER!!!i nearly gave birth with excitement what a mornings fishing..wanted to fish for longer but had to is a quick phone photo i will post some better ones later…think i need a sleep first :razz:

my first snapper ever..was impressed with there fighting style..bait was cooked prawn on a two hook ledger rig and 6/0 mustad recurves..moki bait was mussel same rig…