Re: 2012 surf catches Spring/summer

shark slayer

yea hipp the secret spot :wink: the only spot i would fish at ward socky is either side off the offshore reef halfway between the chancet and were the rocky coastline stops to the north…to get the crays at wharenui you need squid or fish baits 6-7/0 hooks and bind the bait on…there bites just look like wrasse bites leave it until your line goes slack or strike at good have to be really gentle bringing them in or you will loose them every time…as for the moki your baits are good cooked prawn and mussel are the the changes of light from 7.30-10pm or 5.00am-7.30am i never really fish night or day..keep a good eye on your baits/rod tip and make sure your bait hasn’t been picked out because moki are funny you can sit there for 2 hours and get nothing then all of a sudden you can land 2 or 3 in ten minutes then they go dead..they are a challenge you just have to be patient..good luck