Re: 2012 surf catches Spring/summer

shark slayer

well done troutfisher..haha yea lets not go there…had a non productive but fun day today..went down to the sevengill hole..nothing for a while then started getting bites and the rod bent over and stayed bent..not moving though,wtf is going on here i thought.pulled hard and it felt like a snag..pulled harder and it came free..something was on and it was heavy and the rod was bent but no fight..gave a good jerk on the rod and a huge 3kg plus cray came flying out of the the hook it came and that was as close as i got..bugger!then hooked into a massive sevengiller..i was using a 1200d baitrunner with 50lb braid locked up the drag and still couldnt stop the fucker..went on a huge run and then busted me off..tried again got another one on..another unstoppable run..was gonna get spooled so locked it up with my hand and the hook pulled..casted out again and hooked another one i forgot i still had the drag cranked all the way up and it busted off..only trace i had so had to call it quits..went for a moki sesh ecause my spot is only 5 mins from the giller a big wrasse first cast..2nd cast i thought i had the biggest moki but it was just a rig around 15lb on cooked prawn..was scrappy as nearly pulled me off the rocks..only had one bait left so casted out..the moki should be here any second i thought as it was coming into prime time (dusk)just as i thought that the rod bent over and a moki was on ran to the rod and engaged the drag but i was to slow and it did what moki love to do and reefed me..was the only trace i had so headed home..the fish won the battle today but tommorrow i will win the war!! :) its a gnarly spot that one its only fishable for two hours of the tide and your rod holder is half a meter in the water and i have to wade through knee deep water to get to my rod…here are some of todays photos..

the rig was released..