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They are both sea perches. Here is a paper by L.J Paul and he refers to Helicolenus spp. as ‘sea perches’. So Helicolenus barathri and Helicolenus percoides [b:1k06rrl5]both[/b:1k06rrl5] are sea perches. … D.pdf.ashx

a direct quote

[quote:1k06rrl5]”Sea perch” (in Australia “ocean perch”) includes the shallow water Helicolenus percoides and the deeper water H. barathri, the latter with geographical colour variants around New Zealand.

So this should be settled, either spcies can correctly be called sea perches.

He also explains other common names.
[quote:1k06rrl5]In this account the term “sea perch” is used for both species. Where a single species is referred
to, its scientific name is used. Separate common names are available, but their use is not
uniform. The shallow water Helicolenus percoides is known variously as Jock Stewart (or
Stuart) from its tartan-like colouring, highlander (similarly), scarpee (from scarpen for
scorpion), scroddie (small worthless fish?), fivefinger (from the pectoral fin rays), soldier
(supposedly from its ‘on guard’ appearance and brisk movements (Graham 1956)), and Maori
chief (in common with other fishes, from its head markings). The deepwater H. barathri has
been given the name bigeye sea perch by Paulin et al. (1989).