Re: 2012 surf catches Spring/summer

shark slayer

If you go to ward beach, my first spot is at the south end where the mouth of the river is when its open.There is a point that heads strait out made of white rock.Fish off the end of that and cast to the right, or if you look strait out you will see the rock that runs parellel to the beach and shelters the south end of the beach from swell,cast to about 5-15 meters back from that.The second spot, and my favourite(most productive)walk north along ward beach, it will go from being open water and turn into real rocky coastline,keep walking and eventually this gives away to a shingle surf beach.halfway between were the beach starts and the chancet is an offshore reef that you can visibly see about 30 meters out.cast in front and to the sides of this, dont bother during the day although you can pick up the odd blue cod you will get wrassed out.change of light is productive and into the night
as we all know.there are a heap more spots but those two are my favourites.That surf beach between ward and the needles used to produce some monster school sharks when i lived there, alot of threshers in the ward area aswell….