Re: 2012 surf catches Spring/summer

shark slayer

the top fish is a SCARPEE..the bottom fish is a PERCH…the top one is the one we all catch in large numbers inshore and everyone feels the need to call them perch wich they are not..forest and bird have a picture of a scarpee on there site and called it a perch because they are fucking idiots…the links you provided mili are also full of false information eg they have said the spines are venomous wich is bullshit but at least they called the right fish a perch…they also got the depths wrong but at the end of the day the point i am frustratingly trying to make is that perch and scarpees are two different species and scarpees are the ones commonly caught by recreational anglers and wrongly called perch.i will post photos of larry pauls pages on these two species tommorrow and once and for all prove the facts..and hopefully a couple of people can be educated into getting these two species names right.