Re: 2012 surf catches Spring/summer


Good to see all of your posts, very interesting reading g. Made it up to the sounds yesterday, got here about2 pm. Down to the bay for a quick look, the bay it self not overly good but round to our right on the point didn’t look too bad to fish at low water, there wAs a wee bit of current running with the last two hours of out going tide to go, we ceased the opportunity for. Fish as the weather was closing in and forecast… Like you say shark slayer is shit ! So we flung out piper and pillli baits srayline style….. Fed the spotties for a while then They we t off the bite. All wAs quiet, then my rod started to bounce a bit and I launched myself towards it as it was now bending over….I was hoping not to slip on the wet rocks and smash into the oyster clad sharpness of what lay beneath me , I get to the rod and make sure it’s hooked with the hope of snapper in my mind I cRefully tighten the fairly loose set drag and start to put some pressure on The fish, by this time I could feel the persistant pull of what I thi k is a rAy/skate or such like, but dissapointed at this, I put some more pressure on the beast hoping to at least to retrive my hooks, but alass I applied too much pressure and ping! Off it went with my gear… Somewhat brief excitement none the less and has me pumped for my next opportunity. Just have to wait the heavy rain out and give it Another go, had a good feed of oysters while fishingwith the , very sweet and plentiful. Shame your not coming up s/s however with the forecast the wAy it is, proberbly the right call. I wi check back in after my. Ext stab at it, cheers. Hipp