Re: 2012 surf catches Spring/summer


went fishing with fishforpot and couple of others fisho just before xmas to his x spot good spot alright thanks for that fishforpot,he has posted a while back what we got.. Went over the west coast to Mokihinu up past westport for xmas hoildays to there 10 day fishing comp, arrived day before xmas was fine and hot set up camp site and had to wait for boxing day to start the 1 up at 4.30am and of fishing day was fine and the sea as flat as it could be, we (wife and me) got a few fish the biggestwas a rig over 4.3kg .. day 2 much the same time and conditions but this time got 2 snapper the biggest was 3.8kg day 3 got to the beach 6.00am great conditons again got more fish the biggest rig over 4kg. we fished early moring and late afternoon till sunset for four days and was getting worn out, luck would have it that we had rain and then heavy rain and then thunder storms,winds etc, that was the end of our fishing we came home early by 3 days thats the coast…I did have my name on the board 5 times and the wife 1 time, but as some fished in the rain before it got to bad and dirty we didnt and some got fish and my name dissappeared tiwce and so did the wifes,,but over all that a great time the 4 days we fish … I won 2 heavist fish of the day and runner up for heavist fish over all .. got the biggest snapper that i have ever caught so cant complain about the fishing