Re: 2012 surf catches Spring/summer


Ward is one beach I hope to fish more, but never get around to it. I think it was the second place I ever fished once I started Surfcasting, I drove across the Flaxbourne then walked to the start of the long beach just before the needles. Was early September from memory, and during the day. Did not catch anything.

Since then, I only go there if I find Clifford bay is to rough for fishing, I have a good knowledge of the forecasts now so never go to Clifford when its rough. These times I normally just fished right in front of the Car-park, always blanked. The last time was just after a large flood so was more rubbish then usual in the water. Once years ago I fished the guts around from Chancet Rocks. Back then was completely unprepared for such fishing so the trip was a disaster.

Speared fish it a few times, sometimes see good numbers of Butterfish, use to be a few big Moki. Saw a massive stargazer once.

So any advice regarding Ward would be great.