Re: 2012 surf catches Spring/summer


Got to Kaikoura this morning at 6.55am …drove into the creek I used to access the beach last time and found about a foot and a half more water in it ….I entered at a different point and couldnt see the logs that were stopping us making any headway so ended up feeling my way on foot clearing it as my mate drove forward ….that was a bit of fun early in the adventure lol

Caught 5 gurnard , 1 a throwback
1 red cod
1 crab
1 small carper shark
4 v.small schoolies ……1 small schoolie , 1 just takable schoolie I threw back and 1 schoolie around 20-22lb
2 skate
No doggies and no kahawai ……crabs were not present until well after lunch …2ish in fact…

Got a nagging feeling I forgot a fish ….never mind …..
Might head back Sunday and try to catch the biggest fish of the day for the 3rd time only to win second place lol