Re: 2012 surf catches Spring/summer

shark slayer

WICKED stuff miliwolf getting into the snaps already good on ya.If you want moki head to ward beach i know a few good spots, i used to live there years ago, let me know if your going to try and i will give you directions, im going to try for some moki sometime next week.Been busy getting my quad going this week but i went out to a new spot on thursday, got a bait in the water on dark.after an hour my rod started twitching, small doggy i thought so i slowly walked to the rod.Just before i got to it all hell broke loose, i engaged the drag and the rod tip pointed towards the water zizz zizz zizz pop! ah oh gear failure.My line had snapped at the hook, 100lb trace must of been a sizeable rig…bugger.went back on friday night and got two, 14 and 11lb.Going to birdlings tonight to see whats happening but i dont hold my breath.
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kept the smaller one let the other go.