Re: 2012 surf catches Spring/summer

shark slayer

the gurnard at bayleys had been filleted not dumped..whoever did the dumping near timaru should be shot..wankers..they need to bring in jail sentences for that shit..instead of the slap on the hand they get at the moment..the laws governing fisherys in this country are a joke….honestly.sweet long are you up in the sounds for??and what part of it??i want to go up next week but will keep an eye on the weather reports..also have to fix the window on my car..and need to satisfy my moki addiction first haha hopefully i can get a few before next week then i will be satisfied to move on to another species..went out this morning at 4am..nothing for a while then a red cast got a big ass wrasse..thought it was a moki untill i got it into the breakers..then the moki came on the bite at 6am..stole my baits for a while then managed to hook one..just a wee one of 40cm but scrappy as..then the wind came up hard and fast and essentialy ended the fishing..bit of a shame but i guess its better than amberly crab fishing competitions haha..will post pick later..pan fried red cod and moki for lunch..yumyum