Re: 2012 surf catches Spring/summer


Elmo and I fished it .maybe others I didnt recognise ….
Oh , there was 1 member present , in the form of a photo in a magazine laying on a table as a giveaway …

An ugly little fella named Greg with a rig taken at Bayleys

The beach was barron for most of the day ….a mate of mine led the comp for near 4 hrs with a crab FFS …

I caught maybe 15 crabs ….not a single bite …my mate caught a bloody spotty …and only just missed a prize ..

A skate won it ….same with the juniors ….
A doggy 2nd
A 330ish mm rig “probably a schoolie seeing the limited knowledge of the measurers” 3rd
Mullet took 4-8th ….
Juniors – 2-7th were mullet …a crab 8th

I’d hazard to guess that less than 20 fish were caught for the day for 216 fisherman …