Re: 2012 surf catches Spring/summer


I arrived at Spot S shortly after four, there was gentle but cold wind blowing and the current was running quite strongly around the point.

Fishing was tough to start with, the current kept pushing my line onto the mussel covered rocks while the peckers made short work of any bait I threw out.

A pod of dolphins brought a moment of excitement as they cruised within meters of the rocks, but they were gone before I could get my camera.

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Snapper1 [1024×768] by Thomas J. Walsh, on Flickr

Day slowly turned into night and the little pickers left my bait alone. Then nothing was happening, so I took advantage of the low light to take a few photos.

Was hoping to get a 30 second exposure of my rod with a boat in the background, at about 15 seconds in my rod starting to move, then it bent over and line started to scream off… I thought that could make a good photo with the moving rod… then I thought thats big I better grab the rod. Maybe I would get a few blurred images of me fighting it.

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Snapper2 by Thomas J. Walsh, on Flickr

The fish was powerful, it pulled a lot of line, and my reel nearly malfunctioned but I quickly had it under control. There was no head shakes, so it did not feel like a Snapper, but it was moving about much to actively to be a Ray and was much to powerful to be a Kahwai. I was thinking it could be a shark when I got the first glismp in the headlamp. A long silverly thing, maybe the underside of a rays wing. But the fight was not powerful enough to be Ray. Got a second look, still uncertain then third. Damn thats a big Snapper and surprisingly quickly had it onto the beach. I left it stranded in just a few cms of water, when the panic started. I sprinted back to my pack grab the measure, diverted to get my camera and quickly put it onto auto while lifting the flash. Now, where in hell would I find flat ground to measure the fish…

Picked him, damn he is long. Onto the measure, is that 90cm… ummm no he is not touching the end. A flapping fit and he was now calm pushed him to the end, first photo, to close, missing a tail, the second missing less tail. The third had all the fish. Been out of the water long enough already, no time for another reposition. By now he had spat the hook so back into the water it went.

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Snapper3 [1280×768] by Thomas J. Walsh, on Flickr
I continued fishing until 8pm but saw no further action.